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The Top 5 Mistakes of Privacy Awareness Programs

While this article specifically discusses “Privacy Awareness” programs, the points made are applicable to loss prevention, shrink, and safety campaigns.  In working with companies on training and awareness campaigns, we have come into organizations and found they were previously falling into many of these traps.  We especially think that problems #2 and #3 on this list are worth considering:

  • #2 – Equating “campaign” with “program”
  • #3 – Equating “awareness” with “training”

For a training & awareness campaign to be successful and produce results, it has to be well thought out and not simply a checkbox that is ticked off.  You can read the full article here.


Learning How to Manage Aggression

We received a press release from the folks over at the Center for Aggression Management, a third-party vendor who specializes in workplace violence, bullying, etc.  While we don’t have any personal experience with this group, they have an interesting blog at


FBI Connects to LERPnet

Last week, the NRF announced that LERPnet is now directly available to the FBI.  This has been one of the goals for LERPnet since early in its inception.  It will be interesting to see how it is used and where successes come from with this new availability.  It would be my guess that one of the benefits will be that when an ORC gang is apprehended, law enforcement will be able to look at other incidents they might be involved in ex post facto.

Read the announcment here.


Guidance for U.K. Employers on Preventing Violence/Harassment

Employers in the United Kingdom receive advice on implementing an agreement reached by a group of European employer and trade union organizations.  This guidance pack is a result of a partnership by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS). It is designed for use by both employers and workers.  It can be downloaded for free here.


New Anti-harassment/Violence Rules in Ontario

Canada’s two largest provinces now have laws requiring employers to seek to provide workplaces free of certain forms of “harassment”. No longer limited to human rights-related harassment, that term is broadly defined in these laws. Further, Ontario’s new law extends beyond “harassment”. It, like the federal law, also will require anti-violence policies and programs. These laws will apply regardless of whether a workplace has any prior history of such problems.    

Ontario’s Bill 168, The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act will come into force in June 2010.

With Canada’s two largest provinces and the federal jurisdiction now having such laws, it may well be that other provinces and territories will soon follow.  Read more here.