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January 26, 2011


Guest Post on LPI Blog

by jparker

Yesterday, LP Innovations published a guest column from me on their blog at titled “Loss Prevention as Management Science.”  In this post,  I argue that we need to do a better job, as an industry, of helping senior management understand that shrink results can be influenced by certain practices, routines, and activities that are largely within our control.

Senior management needs to view us as experts in what those tactics and techniques are and how they are best implemented within the context of a specific organization and culture.  This is in contrast to be viewed simply as “fixers” who can catch shoplifters, gain admissions from dishonest employees, and respond when a store manager breaks a key off in the front door.  Yes, those are things we do, but they do not encompass our mission or impact on the organization’s financial results.

As always, I would welcome your comments, disagreements, or thoughts…

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  1. Mar 25 2011

    Completely agree. One of the things we do at Envysion is put video into the hands of the entire organization – including senior management. This does two things. First it gives management first hand insight into loss in their business. Second it opens up a valuable resource, video, to a broader range of people and uses. In fact, we’re noticing a trend with our customers where video is becoming a strategic management tool.


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